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Multiple Office Deployment Too Slow

Question asked by james.gould on Jun 21, 2011
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Multiple Office Deployment Too Slow

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We have deployed a fairly substantial system for a client with 3 Offices, our solution is hosted in their main office on a dedicated virtual machine running FMSA 11 (single machine deployment - web access is only used VERY lightly (a few read-only users a day). In their main office the system is lightening fast, as it is accessed via LAN connections. However in their other two offices the system runs very slowly. The internet connection in their main office is reasonable but can't be upgraded due to the location... Is there a (reliable!) way to have a local server in each of the offices, and the servers then keep the records updated as and when required? I'd also be very interested in any advice that may lead to a faster system in the other two offices!?