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Multiple URLs for File Maker

Question asked by MattJones on Apr 17, 2015
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Multiple URLs for File Maker

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We are running a FMS internally, and we are looking to install an SSL certificate to secure communications between FMP users and FMS.  Our complication comes in with the URLs, as we have two of them, for two different databases.  (One is far more secure than the other, due to the confidentiality of the data within it).  For example, we are currently using for our primary database, and for a secondary database.  I understand that File Maker does not support Wild Card Certificates at this time, but what about a UCC certificate from Go Daddy?  A UCC certificate would be optimal, since we cannot have two standard SSL certificates on the one server.


Can someone let me know if a UCC certificate configured as and would work, in place of a Wild Card Certificate???  We are looking to have this configured as soon as possible