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Nasty performance issues in FM12 vs FM10 - Mac clients

Question asked by JohnGibbs on May 29, 2013
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Nasty performance issues in FM12 vs FM10 - Mac clients

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     Apologies if this has already been discussed but I've been unable to find a solution or much of an answer anywhere.

     We have a large-ish FileMaker deployment, 1 FM server and around 65 clients and 20GB total data. FMS10 with FMP / FMPA11 worked fine for us, but we upgraded and converted to get access to the new features over the weekend.

     Generally everything is fine for our users but we have noticed that basic GUI functions like clicking between layouts, adding tabs in new layouts, adding data to checkbox lists through the "other" selection, and other things are noticeably slower on 12 than 10/11. However it only seems to affect the Mac clients (even fast ones), whereas Windows clients are fine. For example, typing in the name of a new tab creates a 3-4 second delay before characters appear. Same with entering calculations and lots of other things.

     To confirm I did a test on our fastest Mac (dual-core Xeon, 12 GB RAM) which has a 2GB/sec link to the FM12 server (dual Xeon as well, Windows Server 2008R2, 12 GB RAM, data in a RAID-1 pair of SSDs) and still these actions were slow. The same actions on a Windows machine, no problems at all.

     Is this a known issue? If so can we expect a fix?

     Incidentally the known issue of [not equal to] not working in filtered portals still happens.. seems like there's a lot of really odd bugs still kicking around that would usually be fixed by a .4 release...