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Need clearification on multi-server setup for PHP CWP

Question asked by cmcfarling_1 on Feb 12, 2009
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Need clearification on multi-server setup for PHP CWP

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I have a shared webhosting account through a hosting provider. PHP is installed on the shared web server. However since this is a shared server (running Linux) I can't install any 3rd party software. In addition I have an in-house server running FileMaker Server. With this setup will I be able to utilize PHP custom web publishing?

What's unclear to me is that the manual states that the "Filemaker Web Server Module" must be installed on the web server. What exactly is the Web Server Module. Is that nothing more than a set of PHP files, in which case I assume this would work. Or am I missing something?


Essentially what I'm getting at is can any webserver running PHP interface with Filemaker Server by simply installing the Filemaker PHP Standalone API on the webserver? Or is the so called Filemaker Web Server Module still required to be installed on the web server in addition to the API?