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    Need Filemaker Server 5.5v4 updater for Mac!



      Need Filemaker Server 5.5v4 updater for Mac!

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      We have an ancient Filemaker Server 5.5 that has never been updated.  When we reboot the machine, it hangs upon shutdown because the Filemaker database won't close down gracefully.  I am hoping that the FM Server 5.5v4 updater will correct the problem.  But it is no longer available for download from the Filemaker download archives.  If anyone out there has the FM Server 5.5v4 updater for Mac, could you please upload it or tell me how I could download it?

      Your help would be appreciated!

      Bob Reed 

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          Have you considered the possibility that the file is damaged? If not now, then by the forced closure it took to get the computer to shut down?

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            Each time I try to shut down, the files won't close.  Then we have to do a forced shutdown - which *does* corrupt the databases.  Then we have to run a recover on the corrupted files.  But once we recover the databases, they will open up and can be accessed without problems until the next shutdown.  That is why I thought that the updater might correct the shutdown issue and allow the system to gracefully shutdown.

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              Well damaged files cause hangs and crashses and crashes and forced quits can damage files, so it is impossible to tell at this point which came first, the file damage or the inability to close the file.

              Also, any recovered file, especially in older versions such as 5.5, is not really safe to use--the recover may not have fully repaired the damage and the recover may have deleted portions of your database design or made other changes to the file in order to get your file to a point where it can be opened.

              On older versions especially, Recover is kind of a "jaws of life" tool for rescuing your data inside the damaged file. Just like a jaws of life tool used by a fireman to rescue people from a crushed vehicle may destroy the vehicle in order to get the passengers out, recover may make significant changes in your file's design in order to "rescue" your data.

              Hope you have a back up copy that hasn't been recovered and doesn't need to be recovered...