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Need for server?

Question asked by user14673 on Jul 19, 2011
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Need for server?

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I'm developing a bigger application and the idea is to get it run multi-user between 6-7 people.
I was thinking on getting Filemaker Server on a designated computer on  my network to host the data file, and give each user the application  files he needs on his local drive.

I just was confronted with scripts that don't run on the server version  according to script editor. I have since search but not found clear  answers on:
- Does this apply to my applications that run each individual on the  clients computers even though they are using the data on the server?
- Does this apply only to applications run from the server on the server?
- I thought the true need of the server version is to assure safety,  backup and speed, will the server ever run the client application in my  case?

Should I start rewriting all my scripts?
Any hint or link in the right direction is appreciated.

Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 / Windows