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    Need for server?



      Need for server?

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      I'm developing a bigger application and the idea is to get it run multi-user between 6-7 people.
      I was thinking on getting Filemaker Server on a designated computer on  my network to host the data file, and give each user the application  files he needs on his local drive.

      I just was confronted with scripts that don't run on the server version  according to script editor. I have since search but not found clear  answers on:
      - Does this apply to my applications that run each individual on the  clients computers even though they are using the data on the server?
      - Does this apply only to applications run from the server on the server?
      - I thought the true need of the server version is to assure safety,  backup and speed, will the server ever run the client application in my  case?

      Should I start rewriting all my scripts?
      Any hint or link in the right direction is appreciated.

      Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 / Windows

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          You can just upload your files to the server and they should work just fine with a very few exceptions.

          The server compatibility you are seeing is for scripts run from a schedule in FileMaker. As an example, we have a script that Server runs for us late each night to do certain maintenance chores.

          Where you may see a difference when you put your files up on the network is with global fields. When you modify a global field from a single user file, the changes you made are retained when you close the file. When you are a guest of a hosted file, you do not see any changes made to a global field by another user and any changes you make are not retained. Instead the value of global fields revert to the values they were given the last time the value was modified from the host machine. (Note server schedule performed scripts can modify a global field value and then the change is retained as server schedules run on the host.)

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            That's great news.

            So getting the server version for security, backup and speed is a good descision?

            The "Pause / resume script" that scared me most about not being compatible in server won't be a problem when used in the client applications in a split external data source on the shared network drive?

            Thanks Phil.


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              Pause/Resume won't be a problem.

              With any upgrade decision, it's a cost benefit analysis that only you (or your boss) can make. You gain a lot, but it costs a lot of money also.