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    New data inputting problem



      New data inputting problem

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           When I create a new record and manually put in data, some fields alreaady have values in them. It is though these fields have been set to some default value upon creation of a new record. How do I make it such that these default values are no longer there and no longer show up upon creation of a new record.

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               You've posted in the section for asking questions about FileMaker Server and this does not appear to be a problem dealing with FileMaker Server.

               There are multiple possible causes for what you see:

               1) they could be auto-entered values. Open Manage | Database | Fields, find and double click the field definitions for each of these fields and check the options specified on the auto-enter tab. There are numerous settings on this tab that could enter information auotmatically.

               2) They could be data from a different record or table. Check the field names visible in the field while in layout mode and see if they start with ::--which indicates fields from a related table. You may need to turn off Show | Sample Data from the View menu before you can see field names in the fields while in layout mode.

               3) They could be fields of type calculation and are showing the calculated values they were defined to calculate.

               4) A script might be automatically assigning values to them.

               5) They might not even be fields or might not be data that is actually IN the field. Layout text and merge variables both can display data, yet not be visible in some situations. Thus some layout text might be placed on top of a field to display data, but disappear when you enter data into the field. Such items should be visible in layout mode.

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                 Thank you for your response. My key field (which every table relates to) is an ID number. I noticed that when I tried to input new data, the problem described above was due to me using an ID which already existed. For example if ID# 88 already existed and I tried to input new data with a new ID #88, some of the data from the pre-existing ID #88 is automatically inputted. Is there any way that I can input another ID #88 without some of the data for the pre-existing ID #88 showing up such that there would be two ID #88s with different data. Hopefully this makes sense, apologies for posting this in the wrong section.

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                   Furthermore, when I enter the data for the new ID #88, the some of the old data for ID #88 changes as well (such that I cannot make the two ID#88s with different data).

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                Rishi Trikha:

                     Thank you for the post.


                     A "key field" should be a unique identifier that points FileMaker to a related record based on the unique value. You cannot have two identical keys (ID #88) for two records in the same table; otherwise, FileMaker would not be able to identify whether you wanted to pull the related information for ID #88(1) or ID #88(2).


                     You may need to create a Many-to-Many relationship and a third table occurrence to suit your particular database needs. 


                     Additionally, here are some helpful knowledge base articles on relational database design:


                Relational Database Design 101 (part 1 of 3): Designing a Flat File Database


                Relational Database Design 101 (part 2 of 3)


                Relational Database Design 101 (part 3 of 3)



                     FileMaker, Inc.

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                       Ah I see. I have one other problem:

                            In my relational database, I have a key field which is an ID number. It is formatted as a text, because the ID number can start with a letter. For some records, when I try to input data, I cannot update/add data to a certain field. For the most part, this seems to be the case when the ID number starts with a letter. I can update/add data in this same field for another patient as when I click on a field it allows for data entry (the cursor shows up and a yellow-orange box surrounds the field, indicating that the field can be modified). This yellowish box does not appear in the same field but for another record.



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                         This ID field is my key field that everything relates back to. I have multiple tables, all of which have the same ID field, which relates to one initial table. The relationship is ID field to ID field, such that there is a one-to-many relationship in regards to the first table. This ID field is an ID number (may start with a letter) unique to every record. There are over 300 records that have an ID that starts with a letter, so changing each record such that they are all just numbers is not a reasonable options. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide that will help with troubleshooting this problem.

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                           " Enter layout mode and click the id field on your layout. In the "Display data from" tab on the inspector's data tab, note the text to the left of the :: characters. Then look up in the tool bar where you see "Table:" just to the right of the layouts drop down. Do you see the same exact name there as this text? "        Yes, they are exactly the same.

                           This field is located in a portal. This field is not formatted in a value list.

                           No script triggers are selected.

                           It seems as though this problem mainly occurs when I create new records and for the most part doesn't occur with fields that are already defined. My database is formatted such that there are many tables relating back to one root table. I have imported all previous data from an excel sheet to the database and for this data, the problem I'm encountering above doesn't seem to be happening. Again it seems to be that only new records present this problem.

                           Hope this helps