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New server testing

Question asked by FilmUser on May 15, 2015


New server testing

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Our company is upgrading to FMP13 and Server 13. The IT group has, as a first step, installed Server 13 on a new server, which I am beginning to test with FMP12. I copied last night's backup from the current FM Server12 production server and hosted it on the new server. When doing this, I changed the name of the file by adding "test" in the name, to facilitate knowing which one I was in at any given time. However, I noticed that some (maybe all) of the related functions, scripted imports from table to table, basically, I think, activities that involve table to table functionality, do not work.


So, re-copied a new file from last night's back up, and I re-hosted it without changing the name, and everything seems to be working. How do I know that it is staying within itself (when updating other tables from a given table, etc), and not reaching out to the current production server?


I hope I'm making this clear.