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New to Relational Databasing, Help!

Question asked by TomTrastevere on Dec 6, 2013
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New to Relational Databasing, Help!

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     Hey Filemaker peeps!
     So I'm very new to this software, and in fact relational databases in general. I work for a non-profit 3rd party vendor that does tutoring inside elementary schools. We are a very small organization and I am responsible for all IT and Data needs. 
     As of now, we have 4 schools that run a myriad of programs. Right now I have managers at these schools that report data about staff, events, tutoring, volunteering, art, and more. We have dropbox which is our information pipe between the schools and our office. I then have Excels for each program in each school. So every Wednesday the school manager looks at all volunteer data and enters it in. Then on Thursday after all of our managers update their spreadsheets, I have another spreadsheet which automatically updates from those, turning daily numbers into weekly, and weekly into monthly for the boss lady to analyze and inform decisions. 
     Now onto where relational databasing and networking comes in. If I have 4 or more sites in the future reporting data back to our office, do I need Filemaker Pro Server or can this be done with just Pro? Do I organize this by breaking tables by school and each have their own file? Or can I have one master file that they all edit? Should I be doing this through dropbox? Or is there a better way to do this online. Dropbox does have an issue with two users editing the same file and I fear it could get messy. 
     I know there's a lot here but if anyone has any advice for an inexperienced newb at a new non-profit I'd be extremely appreciative!