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Newbie here trying to help someone

Question asked by LenUnkeless on Apr 11, 2011
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Newbie here trying to help someone

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Hey all,

I have no knowledge of how FM works, so please be nice to me. I have a client whose network I just setup. When I started hooking things up, I noticed a second machine under his desk that was switched off. He told me it was his server for his database. Fine. Hooked it up and turned it on. Workstation wouldn't talk to it. I noticed the UNC mapping was to a different subnet, so I redid the subnet on his router to get things working. Still no go. I switched his KVM over to the server. It's a Win2K workstation (not a server), and it's falling apart. Wouldn't even boot and he forgot all the passwords to log into the thing. Now I'm in trouble. I tried all the password hacks, etc. and found his Administrator account had been wiped out. Funzee. So I pulled the drive and took ownership of everything and found the last mod date on any .fm5 file was 10-28-2010. In theory, he hasn't touched it since then.

So much for the background. I figure I should try and move all the .fm5 files to his workstation since the "server" is going quickly (not that the workstation is much better). He's running FM5 server on the "server" and an FM5 client on the workstation. My question is can I move everything over and have it all work? My guess is I just have to tell FM5 client the new location of the folder with his files, right?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.