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    Newbie is attempting to install/setup FMS Adv. 11



      Newbie is attempting to install/setup FMS Adv. 11

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      Please correct me if I have done something wrong here. And don't worry about insulting my intellience - I freely admit that I probably don't know everything I need to know about FMS Laughing.

      I have installed FMS 11 on a Mac Mini Server, running OSX Server 10.6.7. Here is a list of checks I have already performed:

      • The most recent update (11.03) has been installed.
      • Java has also been updated.
      • I am able to access the Admin Console without an issue. 
      • The server has a static IP address that matches the IP scheme of our network.
      • According to Admin Console, Web Server, Web Publishing Engine, and Database Server are all ON.

      But here's where the oddness starts...

      • Entering http://localhost/ into my browser results in the default Mac OS X Server homepage, which tells me "No web services are available at this time."
      • I can add a database to the database list, but the only service that is checked is "Pro". IWP, XSLT, XML, PHP, and ODBC/JDBC are all unchecked.

      I feel like I'm getting conflicting messages. It's as if the server is telling me that everything is fine, while simultaneously telling me nothing is working.

      Does anyone have a "FileMaker Server for Dummies" checklist of things I should look for in order to get the server working as expected?


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          David Wilkins:

          Thanks for posting!

          It sounds like you're set if you intend to access using a FileMaker Pro client. You'll just want to open FileMaker Pro on the client machine and head to File -> Open Remote. From there, you should be able to select your host to get a list of files to open.

          To access files via the Instant Web Publishing technology, head to http://<server ip>/fmi/iwp in the client's browser and select your database. From what you've described, it sounds like you don't have any files that are ready for IWP quite yet so you'll only see the FMServer_Sample file listed.

          To prepare your other files for access via IWP, you'll need to enable the fmiwp extended privilege for the privilege sets you plan to access with. See below for instructions on this:

          1. Open your database in FileMaker Pro.

          2. Go to File -> Manage -> Security.

          3. Select the Extended Privileges tab.

          4. Select the fmiwp extended privilege from the list.

          5. Click Edit, and enable the privilege sets you'd like to use to access the file.

          I should note that the credentials for the default account in a file is Admin/no password.

          If you have any further questions on this or would like some clarification, please let us know.

          FileMaker, Inc. 

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            Wow! Did not expect to hear back so soon! Very pleased with the prompt response.

            Looks like that took care of a lot of my issues. Now all that's left is taking care of the hosting. But that's up to our ISP...