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Newbie is attempting to install/setup FMS Adv. 11

Question asked by dwilkins on May 31, 2011
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Newbie is attempting to install/setup FMS Adv. 11

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Please correct me if I have done something wrong here. And don't worry about insulting my intellience - I freely admit that I probably don't know everything I need to know about FMS Laughing.

I have installed FMS 11 on a Mac Mini Server, running OSX Server 10.6.7. Here is a list of checks I have already performed:

  • The most recent update (11.03) has been installed.
  • Java has also been updated.
  • I am able to access the Admin Console without an issue. 
  • The server has a static IP address that matches the IP scheme of our network.
  • According to Admin Console, Web Server, Web Publishing Engine, and Database Server are all ON.

But here's where the oddness starts...

  • Entering http://localhost/ into my browser results in the default Mac OS X Server homepage, which tells me "No web services are available at this time."
  • I can add a database to the database list, but the only service that is checked is "Pro". IWP, XSLT, XML, PHP, and ODBC/JDBC are all unchecked.

I feel like I'm getting conflicting messages. It's as if the server is telling me that everything is fine, while simultaneously telling me nothing is working.

Does anyone have a "FileMaker Server for Dummies" checklist of things I should look for in order to get the server working as expected?