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Question asked by mark_d2x on Jun 22, 2009
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next steps

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OK don't laugh at this - I am trying to get my head around the next steps....


At the moment I am using FMP10 to create my database - all going reasonably well (with the welcome & gratefully received support of the forum members).  I am setting up the database layouts with all the functionality they need for end users and with user profiles in mind.  Is there anything about the layouts that I should be aware of eg tabs not working the same on the intranet compared to my local machine?  Basically i have been testing the database using the layout links & functions rather than FMP itself to try to make it self contained.


The next steps (and way forward are a little blurred); There are potentially over 100 users of the database so will need FMP Server Advanced (correct me if I am wrong).


This needs to be installed on a server and using the database I have created, then publish the database to the intranet/server using the IWP.  End users can then use a url to connect to the database using the intranet without having FMP on their PC?


I should still be able to update, manage & do reporting from the database using FMP on my own machine?


Providing I turn on the ODBC sharing, I could use this for creating "mail merged" word documents? 


I apologise for the simplicity of this - I am still relatively new to all this.