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    no longer responding, connection closed (51)



      no longer responding, connection closed (51)

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      There was reference to this issue in a different post regarding the admin console freezing, but no apparent resolution on users being dropped.  Regardless, I am still experiencing this issue.  We are running the server on an iMac under OS 10.5.8 with 2 Gig of Ram and a 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor. FMSA version  We are running 48 databases. This was an very stable solution over the years and nothing has been added to it for 2 years.  The OS was upgraded in September.  My users are going insane with the dropped connections.  Drops happen on both wired and wireless computers.  Computer that are directly connected to the switch and computers several hops away.


      If FMP doesn't have a solution for this, what will be the impact of downgrading to server v. 9?  What is the recommended OS for this (10.4.11)?  Will I need to strip out FMP 10 functionality from the databases before hosting on FMPS 9? 

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          Thank you for your post.


          The Admin Console going "deaf" problem occurs in both FileMaker Server 9 and 10, so downgrading to FileMaker Server 9 may not help.  Our Development and Software Quality Assurance (Testing) departments are aware of this issue, but no resolution at this time.



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            I am having the same issue with databases that are critical to 51 schools. I've checked about everything I can think of, including working with out regional tech centers to make sure the ports are open. Some users can be working for hours without any problem while others may be able to stay connected for about 60 seconds, then get the JAVA cup and "no longer responding, connection closed" message. I convinced all the schools to move to FM10 and here I am with these problems. Any resolution yet?
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              Thank you for your post.


              If you are getting JAVA cup, then FileMaker is trying to connect back to the host machine.  If the Admin Console is "deaf", then this would follow the same issue reported.  If the Admin Console is active, able to update information, and other users are able to connect, then you have a network issue; not a FileMaker issue.


              The Admin Console "deaf" issue has been fixed in FileMaker Server 11.  I'm trying to determine if this can be applied to FileMaker Server 10.  I will keep you posted.



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                Dave Graham

                FYI .. I recently started getting this error after upgrading to FMS 11. I noticed that it occurred only during backups and when it happened I could not successfully close all of the files. Suspecting corruption I restored previously known good files and performed file maintenance (e.g., consistency check, save compacted)  just in case. It made no difference and I continued to see problems. In the two weeks that I was running FMS 11 it happened six times. I reverted the server back to FMS 10 and I've been running for a week without a single issue. FYI ... I don't recall a single instance of this happening while on FMS 10 over the last year or so.

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                  Any resolution on this?  I'm having this issue...

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                    We were having a similar problem, but think we have discovered a solution. This solution might just be specific to our situation.

                    Our FMPro clients are installed on virtual machines (Windows XP) sitting on top of a Solaris OS.  The system time on the Solaris host machines differed from our Windows Domain Controller by about 3 minutes.  It seems that our Windows XP virtual machines where getting their system clocks adjusted (by both the domain controller and the Solaris host OS).  This juggling of the system time was apparently causing the clients to appear unresponsive and FMS closed the connection.  The temporary solution is to disable the Window Time Services on the XP machines.  This seems to have eliminated the disconnects.  Hopefully a long term solution will be to stand up an NTS server and synchronize all machines (Solaris and Windows) to the same source.