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No Scripts are available for the specified account

Question asked by jakes on Nov 1, 2014
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No Scripts are available for the specified account

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I am using FMS 13 on widows server 2012. I want to edit a shedule. The schedule is running a filemaker script. The schedule is working but I am unable to edit the script. When I click "edit a schedule..." the pop up box appears the database is highlighted the username and password is already entered but when I click next the error message is "no scripts are available for the specified account" this is incorrect as it is running the filemaker script not allowing me to edit it

I also tried to create a new schedule from a filemaker script and I get the same error message.

I have updated my fms 13 to the latest 13.0 V4

The privalege set with the security account I am trying to login to has full access with all extended privalege sets ticked

Please assist me. what could be the issue?