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No server running at this address?

Question asked by HuwEvans on Sep 9, 2010
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No server running at this address?

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I have 12 users, 11 of whom are able to connect to a FM Server at my office, one of them cannot. He enters ip address/filename and gets a "no server running at this location". I've logged in remotely to his machine to ensure that he's entering the IP adrs etc correctly. I'm using port forwarding at the office here. I can confirm that he's hitting my router as an IP address in his web browser routes to webmail on my mail server. If the other 11 could not connect then I'd guess it was an issue with my router setup perhaps but they all can connect - incidentally all 12 are using a variety of routers and various broadband provider, non are technically inclined and highly unlikely to have altered any router settings at they're end. Any one got a suggestion?