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Non-Filemaker software access to remote FileMaker 5.5 database

Question asked by JonJacobs on Oct 28, 2009


Non-Filemaker software access to remote FileMaker 5.5 database

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Our databases include Oracle, SQLServer, Cache, and FileMaker. My software has to read certain tables from each system for auditing purposes.


My software already can read from the other database systems, but I don't know enough about FileMaker to know all the questions I should ask. I am using C# (.Net) for my programming languate and environment.


On the connection strings web site I found this sample connection string for FileMaker...

Driver=FileMaker Pro;AllAsText=0;ApplicationUsingThreads=1;FetchChunkSize=100;FileOpenCache=0; IntlSort=0;MaxTextlength=255;ServerAddress=; TranslationOption=0;UseRemoteConnection=1;


This will be the only connection using ODBC (unless there is another way).

I do not have FileMaker on my local computer.


Here are the 2 questions I know I need answers to:

Does the ServerAddress part of the  need to an IP Address, or can I use a URL?

What do I need to set up ODBC on my computer for FileMaker access?


I need from our people the appropriate ServerAddress and the table names where the data I need reside.

If any of you think of other things I need to know, I will appreciate your suggestions.



Jon Jacobs