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Non-functioning FMS 9 Admin Console

Question asked by tking13 on Feb 5, 2010
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Non-functioning FMS 9 Admin Console

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I have FileMaker Server 9 (v3 w/ SSL Update) running on an Xserve on Mac OS X 10.4.11, and the Admin Console CHRONICALLY fails. Not only do I repeatedly get the message "Checking for Latest Version" seemingly every time I try to launch the Admin Console (even though I haven't made any changes to the server), but I can't even get the Start Page to load (on multiple machine, even directly on the server). I figured out that I could use the command line tools to do what I needed (however inconvenient that is), though even at that, I kept getting errors trying to open a database until I actually stopped & then started the server. But even that didn't fix the problem with the Admin Console. The only thing that fixed that was actually rebooting the server, which is VERY inconvenient as it is also used as a file server (& people may be using it).
Could someone please explain why such a fundamental tool is so problematic?
Tim King