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Not Found error when accessing a WebDirect database with a browser

Question asked by ceath on Sep 7, 2014
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Not Found error when accessing a WebDirect database with a browser

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Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere.  I couldn't find it in my various searches.

I've recently moved FileMaker Server 13 from one server to a newer, dedicated one.  Both old and new servers were on the same network and have kept the same NAT IP address (I changed my NAT table to point to the new server's Mac address).  The external static IP address has also not changed.  (In the example below, is routed to the static IP address, and the NAT table takes care of routing traffic to the new server based on its IP address, which is the same IP address that the old server has been using.)

On the old FileMaker Server 13 users could access the served databases using the URL:

On the new server, users get an error:  Not Found  The requested URL /fmi/webd was not found on this server.

If it helps, a user entering receives a simple screen saying "It Works!".

If feel certain I'm overlooking something obvious (Firewall ports don't appear to be blocked, NAT forwarding looks right, FileMaker databases have "Enable FileMaker WebDirect" checked, databases have at least one account in the privilege set that includes "Access via FileMaker WebDirect (fmwebdirect)", and so on.)

Any suggestions for how to go about troubleshooting this little problem would be most appreciated.