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    Not sure where to start - date discrepancy



      Not sure where to start - date discrepancy

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      I have a FMPro 12 database that I moved over for my client to a FM Server.  On one of my client's forms, there is a date. xx/xx/xx format.  When they open it off the synology NAS, the date displays correctly.  They are opening it using FMPro 12.  If they open it using FMPro and open the copy that is on the server, the year in the date field is showing the previous year.  Any ideas on what I could check?  The entire DB is only 27MB in size.


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          I should also state that it was originally a DB file that was hosted on a Synology box.  One client would open the file with FMPro 12 and then two other clients would access that same copy through the original client.

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            Still looking for a solution for this.

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            If I take the FMPro 12 database file and put in the particular date with FMPro 12 and save it, I can then go back into it and the year says 2016 which is right.  If I then take the same database file and copy it over to the default database directory and then use one of the copies of FMPro 12 and open the database file from the FM Server (it's version 14), the date reads as 2015.  This is my customer's "license expiration field" in MM/DD/YYYY format.  If I then take the same file, copy it back to it's original position with no modifications, and then open it from the NAS location (it's original position) with FMPro 12, the date field shows the correct year of 2016.  So the question is, why would the year show the expiration date for a -year off when reading from the FM Server but it shows correct (2016) when reading the database file from the NAS?

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              Since, according to FileMaker, FMP saves dates as the number of days since Jan 1 0001, this is really weird behavior. The first thing on the database that I would check is that the field is really set as a date field, and not a text field or some calculation that gives non-date data in a date-like format. When fields have acted weird for me, it's generally been because the field was defined as an incorrect data type. Also, are you absolutely sure it was the same record that showed the 1-year difference? Just trying to think of reasons for the behavior you're describing.... Saving the data to a different location should be inconsequential, and serving it from a server vs. a copy of FMP just makes things work better. Good luck, --Bill