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Occasional performance degradation during scheduled backup verification

Question asked by thomasseidler on May 5, 2010
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Occasional performance degradation during scheduled backup verification

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Dear all,


I am using FMSA 11, on 10.5.8 (java version: 1.5.0_13), 4GB RAM, on a Mac Pro with a Boot RAID 0 on two discs (on to which backup data goes), and FMP Data RAID 0 on two other discs.


The DB I schedule a backup for every 20 minutes is about 900MB, it takes under 10 seconds to back up. It takes 5 minutes to verify.


Throughout this verification process (w/o which I have found backups to be pointless), we have noticed significant performance degradation on occasion - though by no means consistently. For instance a query on an indexed field across 100k records takes 2 minutes, whereas after verification is complete it takes but a milli-second.


It is worth noting that the same query performed via ODBC worked w/o degradation.


If there is a known fix/understanding of this issue, please let me know. Else FileMaker please fix (though I will post as a bug if no response in a month)....


Thank you,





Thomas Seidler

The Good Book Company Ltd