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      I have an

      OS X Server 10.6.8 Running

      Filemaker 12 Advanced Server


      One of the things that was a problem was that the MySQL ODBC Driver that was working in Filemaker 11 stopped work with an Architectural Error. That was a bummer but none the less we have now changed our way of thinking and are going to have our oracle 10 g run Sql commands to filemaker.  Here is the issue I have made sure that ODBC is working and we have installed the ODBC driver on out system and can query the Fileaker data base.  Then we tried to use INSERT to a test Table with two text fields in the Filemaker Database.  It actually creates the records in the Filemaker database but dose not insert the data in to the fields. It is doing this with out giving us any errors. I am just getting records that are blank data. 

      We have also tried to update the records but that runs without errors but returns no data updating in the Filemaker Table test. 

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          I have been looking at several issues many of which are driving me nuts with ODBC.

          I used the Driver for ODBC from MySQL that is ok in FM 12 client creates records in MySQL but is only allowing the first character for text fields to be recorded . Actual Technologies ODBC is not connecting so that is a work in progress to work.


          Tomorrow we will try this again with a windows server which I did not want to have to do if ODBC is not working there then I am scraping FM 12 Server adavanced and writing it off as a waste of time dealing with.  I am really disapointed in FM 12 at this point there are way to many issues with fields not displaying correctly etc.