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    ODBC - Cannot Delete Records



      ODBC - Cannot Delete Records

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      I am currenlty using FileMaker Advanced Server (v9).  I have setup an ODBC link from MS Access to the tables in my FileMaker Server DB.  I'm using the DataDirect SequeLink for ODBC driver (port 2239).  I can link to the FileMaker table.  I can view the data in the FileMaker table.  And after jumping through a few hoops, I can even append data from my MS Access db to the FileMaker table.


      HOWEVER, I cannot seem to delete any records in my FileMaker Server table from the ODBC link in MS Access.  I've tried it by opening the linked table and deleting the records manually.  I've tried it by using an MS Access query.  No luck.


      Any ideas???

      Thanks for ANY help you may be able to provide.