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ODBC access to FMS 13

Question asked by paulsamuelson on Jun 2, 2014


ODBC access to FMS 13

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     I am able to successfully make an ODBC connect to FMS 13 from WinBatch. After connecting I can read data with OLE:

This is WinBatch code.


     RS1 = ObjectCreate('ADODB.Recordset')

     cConn.ConnectionString='DRIVER={FileMaker ODBC};SERVER=':DBServer:';DATABASE=':Database:';UID=':User:';PWD=':Pass:';'

This works:

     RS1.Open("SELECT * FROM Studios WHERE Code='Test'",cConn,3,3)


     However, if I try to update data I get Error 1261, Multi-Stop operation generated errors...

This fails:


     I am able to use SQL to make changes, but would prefer to use ADO if possible.

This works:
     RS1.Open("UPDATE Studios SET StudioName='12345' WHERE Code='Test'",cConn,3,3)

     Any thoughts?


     Paul Samuelson