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    ODBC and FM Server



      ODBC and FM Server

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      I want to have my database pull some data from an ODBC source. I also want to serve this from FM server. Does the ODBC connection happen on the server or do I have to setup the ODBC drivers on each host machine?

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          You only need the DSN on the server. Set it up on the FMS box, and add it as a data source in the Filemaker file. 


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                 Hi, I have the same issue. Basically I want to do this: (see linked image)

                 I have a win2k8r2 server with a 32bit 4D odbc driver installed and configured as a data source.

                 How can I make it communicate with filemaker server?


                 Thank you very much.


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                   Hi, you may have resolved this by now but this is my take on how you go about it.

                   As outlined you add the relevant driver to Windows Server with the settings that point to the data source etc.

                   You then add an External Data Source (Manage menu/External Data Source) - if its set up correctly it will be in the list (we are using MySQL and we initially had issues with driver related to 32 and 64 bit issues)

                   You then add a (shadow) table in the Relationship Graph (Manage/Database - select Relationship tab)

                   When you add the table you can specify the External Data Source from the Data Source pull down menu.

                   You can then add a layout which uses the external table to show the records.

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                     Ok, I wasted hours of time (for the 64bit bug too).



                     I have 4D and it doesn't connect to it!  : (

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                       Yep, sorry missed the 4D reference - bit of a pain if there is no way to connect.

                       We are using it for MySQL and there is a driver (although I think it could be improved).