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    ODBC and FM Server Advanced



      ODBC and FM Server Advanced

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      I am using FM Server Advanced Version 10 on a Windows Server 2003, SP2

      According to FM Server Addmin Console ODBC is active

      The Db's also show ODBC as active.

      Using MS Word & Excel I want to use the FM DB's as external data sources via ODBC.

      I've set up a Windows XP SP3 Client side DSN but cannot connect to the FM Server it would appear because Port 2399 is not active on the server. (checked via Netstat)


      What needs to be done  to activate port 2399?


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          Open soft and hard firewalls?

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            I checked the route from Client to server and there aren't any Firewalls active.

            The error I receive is Sequelink Error 2306, "connection refused"

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              i've got the same error since last friday (after rebooting the server), up to then all works fine 

              it seems something prevent FM to open Port 2399

              i checked the port with portqry.exe and the reply is "not listening"

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                Hi Kilograham,

                last year i had the same problem, FMServer 10 had been installed, ODBC had been active as the filemaker server console told me, but both netstat and tcpview told me that port 2399 didn´t respond a single bit.

                The Filemaker Server had been installed on VMWare Fusion on a Macintosh.


                Trying do de- and reinstall FM Serer didnt help. Only a complete new Installation from scrap (new virtual machine, install w2k3, install fms10, patches etc.) got odbc to work.

                And... the filemaker web site must be the first listed in the iis console.

                And... best practice should be that it is the only web site on your iis.


                I suspect that some software in the first installation (many many websites using asp.net, sqlserver, and some more software) made the trouble. Now i have my asp.net and filemaker on two different virtual machines.


                The answer i got from Filemaker in the (german) Forums: "Filemaker Server is not supported to run on a virtual machine" ;-(


                greetings from gemany