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ODBC Between FMS10 Advanced and Oracle Slow

Question asked by user7962 on Nov 25, 2009
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ODBC Between FMS10 Advanced and Oracle Slow

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When my FileMaker Server Advanced 10 (on a pc) which has EES connections to an Oracle (10g) view there is a lag of 30+ seconds for the user to get data back. When I have a script perform a SQL query the result is very fast (Mac with actual drivers or PC with Oracle Client installed and DSN and TSN configured). My Question: Is it typical for an ESS connection to be much slower than a query from a client directly hitting the Oracle server? My environment is a large university. The Oracle data warehouse I am requesting data from is extensive in terms of volume of data and number of tables. Please let me know if there is additional data I could provide to help me get useful input.