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ODBC connection on FM server 10 Advanced and MySQL

Question asked by laneystewart on Sep 25, 2009
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ODBC connection on FM server 10 Advanced and MySQL

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I am pretty new to the whole FM server piece..... 


We are running Filemaker server 10 advanced on a Windows 2008 virtual server.  We have created a System DSN and sucessfully connected to the MySQL server thru the server.  I have a hosted database that is on that server that I connect to and am trying to set up the ODBC connection to the MySQL database.  I know that there was an error when configuring the System DSN to the MySQL database and it required us to have the IP address of the server to create an appropriate account and this was taken care of as we could sucessfully connect.  


Now when I try to set up the ODBC connection with the hosted database I can not get it to allow me to sign into the MySQL database, even though the settings on the External Data source say to use a specific password and user account.  I wrote to the forum a short time ago and asked if when trying to connect to a datasource if it takes the FM client computer's IP address??? I believe this might be the case.  


My IT folks are asking me why FM would not use the Server IP address as the database is hosted there, we are using it off the hosted location and we are using that system DSN for the connection.  They are asking for me to give an archatecture of how this all works together and as I am pretty new to the whole server piece, I can not do so.  Can anyone give me a little help????  


They do not want to open the MySQL server to a subnet of users to allow access since there are over 100 databases at this location but I need the data from just this one database.  If someone could help explain what really happens and if I will be using the Server IP address or the individual client address, this would be EVER so helpful!!!  Thanks in advance!