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ODBC connection to remote SQL database

Question asked by CarlSowden on Aug 28, 2011
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ODBC connection to remote SQL database

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Hi there,


looking for some advice on connecting Filemaker to the SQL backend of a web portal that's hosted remotley via ODBC.


I'm running Filemaker Server 11 Advanced and Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced.


Basically, our web portal is hosted by someone else and I want to make create a connection between them and us.


All i really need to know is how to set up the ODBC data source - once the data source is set up, it should be smooth sailing from there.


I've gone to start --> control pannel --> administration tools --> ODBC but i dont know what to do from there... i have set up internal data sources before (hosted on our server) but the remote type connection is beyond me.


Any advice on this would be much appreciated.