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    ODBC connection to remote SQL database



      ODBC connection to remote SQL database

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      Hi there,


      looking for some advice on connecting Filemaker to the SQL backend of a web portal that's hosted remotley via ODBC.


      I'm running Filemaker Server 11 Advanced and Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced.


      Basically, our web portal is hosted by someone else and I want to make create a connection between them and us.


      All i really need to know is how to set up the ODBC data source - once the data source is set up, it should be smooth sailing from there.


      I've gone to start --> control pannel --> administration tools --> ODBC but i dont know what to do from there... i have set up internal data sources before (hosted on our server) but the remote type connection is beyond me.


      Any advice on this would be much appreciated.





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          Hi Carl,

          It may be a bit late for a reply on this, but I to have been looking at something similar. 

          I'm assuming that you are using Windows? What your trying to do is actually fairly simple and you are on the right track. there is no real difference between setting up and internal to external datasource.

          The bits that you need to understand first is what typ of datasource you are trying to connect to, SQL, Oracle, MySQL etc. Once you know this it is just down to DSN Drivers and correct configuration, knowing the location (IP or FQDN), the credentials to connect and the specific table that you are wishing to access.

          If it is a webhost, by standard they would use a MySQL backend, thus you need to go to the MySQL website and download the drivers as they are not installed as default on a windows machine.

          http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/odbc - selecting your operating system.

          See image, though mine is an internal address, same princiles apply.


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            Oh, on a side note... 

            You have to make sure that access is allowed before this will work. The datasource might not allow external connection. Or if you connection to a remote site, they may only allow HTTP traffic (Port 80) through their firewall, and not MySQL (Port 3306) traffic.

            This is something that you also need to consider