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ODBC Driver for Mac

Question asked by Karnel on Jun 18, 2009
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ODBC Driver for Mac

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We are wanting to tap into a external data source that is on a Sql Server box.  We are having trouble getting the driver to install on our MAC fm server.  We are following these instructions posted on fm support website:


ODBC client driver installation (Mac OS) 

If you have previously installed the ODBC client driver for Mac OS, install it before installing an updated version.

To install the ODBC client driver: 

From the folder /xDBC/ODBC Client Driver Installer, copy the file SequeLink.bundle to either your System or User library. If you don't have an /ODBC folder, create one manually:


Copy SequeLink.bundle to this folder:


System      /Library/ODBC/                   /Library/ODBC/SequLink.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ dylib

User         /User/<user>/Library/ODBC   /User/<user>/Library/ODBC/SequeLink.bundle/Contents/MacOS/ivslk18.dylib


This client driver has been tested with ODBC Administrator 1.0.1 (available with Mac OS 10.4).

Important:  Use the ODBC Administrator bundled with the ODBC driver manager software recommended for your client application.




It does not work.  It is like it does not istall.  When we add the datasource in the ODBC administrator we point to the driver but it doesn't work.


We've installed on a Windows machine and it works just fine, however our fm server is a mac and we want to host the fm db on it.


Getting desperate, please help!