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ODBC driver for Windows server 2003 Enterprise edition

Question asked by MartinDeWilde on Nov 30, 2010
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ODBC driver for Windows server 2003 Enterprise edition

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I am trying to setup an ODBC driver to access data from an external mysql database that gets its data from a webform.

To start, i'll explain my server/database setup:

A. Mysql database server on an Ubuntu Linux machine (webserver)
B. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise edition with Filemaker Server 10 on it.
C. Client machines running on windows xp or higher (Filemaker 9 or higher)

on B. i set up the mysql driver (that i got from
on B. i entered the mysql server, user, password, and connected succesfully.

on C. i try to set up a new data source, but the data source name and driver are empty.

I asked for help on the dutch filemaker community, but someone mentioned there that i did everything I should have done. Someone said there is a problem with ODBC communication between my Windows Server and my filemaker server that's running on it.

Can anyone help me out?

Thanks alot in advance,