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ODBC DSN Issue - not visible

Question asked by csandoval on Sep 2, 2009
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ODBC DSN Issue - not visible

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I have FileMaker 10 Server installed on a new Dell Server running Windows Server 2008 x64 and I'm trying to setup an external data source using teh MySQL 5.1 ODBC driver.  I've installed the ODBC driver and setup a System DSN for my data source, but when I try to setup an external data source in my hosted FileMaker database, I'm unable to see any DSNs when clicking specify.  I've tried this both with a remote client and directly opening the file with FileMaker Pro on the server.


I have this same file setup on another server running Windows SBS 2003 and FileMaker 9 Server Advanced and it seems fine.  Any ideas why my hosted file isn't seeing DSNs in Server 10 on Windows 2008 Server x64?