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ODBC error <file missing> after DB crash

Question asked by carmenm on Oct 19, 2010
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ODBC error after DB crash

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I received these errors:

2010-10-19 09:46:49.899 -0700 Error 681 SPEDFM Closing database "Eval" due to damaged temporary file...


2010-10-19 09:46:49.884 -0700 Error 618 SPEDFM Database or temporary file "filewin:/C:/Windows/Temp/FMTEMPFM4cb8e9960012.tmp" is damaged and has been closed. (824)



After these errors, I pulled the file off of the server, opened it on my desktop, it seemed OK (loaded with no errors).  So, I reopened the file on the server.  It seemed OK when accessed via FM Client and IWP.  However, I can no longer make ODBC connections to this file.  I receive the following error:


Open database connectivity error <file missing>

ODBC error:[FileMaker][fileMaker ODBC]<File Missing>
Sql State: 28000
Return Code:SQL_ERROR

I tried setting up a new ODBC connection to this file, same error.  

ODBC/JDBC has a blue checkbox next to this file in the Admin Console.  So, it THINKS its ok...

I can connect to other hosted databases via ODBC just fine. 

Please help.