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ODBC Import Strange Occurrence

Question asked by Davesmind on Jun 12, 2015
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ODBC Import Strange Occurrence

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I am building a simple ODBC Import to report mechanism. In building the connection and pulling the data everything works. I ran the scheduled script on the server and for some unknown reason a specific field is not being pulled. I even ran the script via the client using the perform on server and I get the same missing field. I can't imaging how the server and the client can both pull data, but the result is different. Any one have an idea as to what is happening? I have compared both the server ODBC connection and the Client and they match and both use the same account to connect.

Attached is an example of both the client and server side scripts. The import script is exactly the same script run under both instances except, for the server side, I added a "Perform on Server" to trigger the script. As you can see the doc_no does not populate when importing on the server. Yet it still pulls data without issue as no errors are reported on the server.

This is very strange behavior and since the server reports no errors and I am actually getting most of the data except for one field, I really have no clue what else can be the issue.

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