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ODBC Script Stuck in Server Client List

Question asked by JoelTurner on Dec 28, 2012


ODBC Script Stuck in Server Client List

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     The details:

  •           FileMaker Server 11.02
  •           FileMaker Pro Advanced 11.02
  •           ODBC Manager 1.0.9 by Actual 
  •           MySQL Database SiteGround hosting (Joomla website)


     We are pulling info from a website database through ODBC. We are using Set Field to pull the data into our local database. One of the problems we are having is the notice: Record is in use by user ?(?). The user is the script and is always displayed in the notice as: ?(?).

     The script (Product Stock Update) becomes "stuck" in the server client list (see screenshot) and cannot be disconnected. This creates problems with all other scripts that use ODBC as well. The only way to remove it from the list is to restart FileMaker Server. 

     Could this be a problem with our web databse, ODBC, FileMaker, language between all three or something completely different?