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ODBC Sequelink + MS Access + FM [Error 2306]

Question asked by Gorge on Jan 21, 2010
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ODBC Sequelink + MS Access + FM [Error 2306]

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Hi Everyone-


Our company has been using Filemaker for the past few years, and recently we've had a slew of issues.  First our Database manager abruptly left our company without properly training anyone, then our Server went down (I lost 5 SCSI drives in a Raid 5 setup), and I've been having all sorts of hardware issues with our server.  I had to restore all of our old data, and I got our FM database to come up online, but I'm missing one feature.  We use MS Access to generate one report for us.  From my undrestanding, it pulls data from our FM database, and reorganizes it to generate a clean report for us.  Unfortunately, I cannot get this to work.


My knowledge of Filemaker and Databases is limited, but I will try my best to explain the issue.  I know that I need to setup the ODBC and I've googled and found the DataDirect Sequelink 5.4.  I am trying to configure it and I type in the Server Host (, the port 2399, and when I click on Data Source, I get an error that says [DataDirect][ODBC Sequelink driver][SequeLink Client]TCP/IP error, connection refused.  Our Windows Server 2003 doesn't have a firewall on and I've asked our network engineering to open the TCP and UDP for 2399, but I still get the same error.


I tried telnet 2399 to see if the port is open, but I get a Could not open connection to the host, on port 2399:  Connection failed error. 


I am not sure if is the correct IP since when I do ipconfig, I get a different IP address (telnet still rejects the other IP anyways), but I know when I go to FM Server Admin shows


Can someone please help me out?  Thank you very much


Windows Server 2003

FM Server Pro Advanced 8.5

Filemaker Server Admin 8.0v4

Filemaker Pro 9

FM Knowledge:  3 weeks + Filemaker Pro 9 Bible