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ODBC service drops on our FileMaker Server version 10

Question asked by GustavForssell on May 21, 2010
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ODBC service drops on our FileMaker Server version 10

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We have problem with our FileMaker Server 10’s ODBC service which sometimes unexpectedly drops.


The drop rate is about 1.5 times every month but is a real pain since the two connected systems is very critical for our business. To restore the connection I need to restart the FileMaker Server several times, this leads to interruption times up to 20 minutes for our 40 users and even worse, I always need to be on watch in case of service interruption.


We are using a Mac Pro 2.66 GHz with 5 GB RAM running Mac OS X 10.4.11 and FileMaker Server Advanced version hosting our business system. It’s hosting 29 files and we usually have around 40 clients connected. Our main data file is quite heavy and weights in on 1.66 GB. Our two next biggest files is on 192 and 132 MB but the other files are mostly smaller GUI files and personal databases. The server only runs the ODBC/JDBC service except it’s core database service.


We then have a web based customer interface based on Python (Django) connected to our FileMaker Server using the provided ODBC drivers (DataDirect 32-BIT SequeLink 5.5 version


When the ODBC service crash a portscan won’t report port 2399 as open (which it obviously does when the service works) on the FileMaker Server and sometimes we see the account used for the connection stuck logged in, but simply disconnecting the user won’t solve the problem.


We often need to restart the database server several times before the port appears to be open and to be able to connect via the ODBC service. I’ve had no luck getting it back only starting and stopping the database using the provided tools from FileMaker, i need to restart the background processes using the launchctl command, but it’s not necessary to restart the machine.


Anyone else having this problem or even better, anyone having a clue about what’s causing this?