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ODBC Setup Guide By a "noob" for a "noob"

Question asked by ssignorelli on Sep 28, 2011
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ODBC Setup Guide By a "noob" for a "noob"

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FileMaker documentation seems to focus more on what FileMaker CAN do versus HOW to do it. I hope this helps someone out there as new to FileMaker as I am. 

ODBC Setup For FileMaker Server v11.2/3
1) Login to FileMaker Server Administrative Console e.g
2) Click on "ODBC/JDBC" navigation pane option under "Configuration" of the "FileMaker Server Overview"
3) Check the box next to "Enable ODBC/JDBC", click on Save
4) Click on "Save and Continue" when asked if you want to save changes.
5) Click on the "Databases" navigation pane option under "Administration of the "FileMaker Server Overview" (verify checkmark for ODBC/JDBC column/field)

ODBC Driver Install for FileMaker Server (install on “Client”)
Locate Following FileMaker Installer Package Contents:
FMICD\xDBC\ODBC Client Driver Installer\FMODBC_Installer_Win32.msi
Reboot and proceed to configure a DSN

ODBC 32-bit DSN from “Client” to FileMaker Database File (ODBC Data Source)
1) To setup DSN for 32-bit application you must use: %WINDIR%\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe
2) Click “System DSN” tab
3) Click on “Add”
4) Select “FileMaker ODBC” from the list and clck “Finish”
5) Click “Next”
6) Provide the “Name” for the data source
7) Provide the “Description” of the data source
8) Click “Next”
9) Provide the “Host” (IP, DNS or localhost)
10) Click “Next”
11) Enter the “Database” (FileMaker Hosted File)
12) Click “Next”
13) Click “Test”
14) Provide “User ID:” and “Password” (defined in the Database File)
15) Click “OK” (You should see: Attempting to connect to database <Database> on host <host>, Database version: FileMaker 11.0.3, Test completed successfully). Click “OK”

Utilizing ODBC Driver in FileMaker Scripts:
1) Create a New script or modify an existing script
2) Add a new Script Step of “Execute SQL” under the “Miscellaneous” Category
3) In the Script Step Options, click on “Specify...”
4) In the ODBC Data Source, click on “Specify...”
5) Select the FileMaker ODBC Data Source you created above; Click “Continue...”
6) Provide the UserName and Password for the File/Datasource, Check box to Save credentials.
7) Enter the desired SQL text/Syntax or Calculated SQL text; click “OK”
This needs way more direction but a seasoned developer should help here.