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ODBC sharing problems on Server 12 Advanced

Question asked by DavidJordan on Apr 14, 2012
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ODBC sharing problems on Server 12 Advanced

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For many years our company has had a FMP 5.5 Server system running on a Mac using ODBC to pass data to a PC accounts system on a W2K Server.

The system has now been upgraded to FMP 12 Advanced Server running on an OSX Lion Server.

However we are running into issues with the ODBC sharing.

- The ODBC Client Driver has been installed on the W2K server
- In the FileMaker Server Admin Console ODBC/JDBC has been enabled
- In the two individual client files we are trying to share,
ODBC/JDBC Sharing has been set to On in the 'FileMaker ODBC/JDBC Settings' dialog.
The two client files are appearing in the list of 'Currently open files' in the same dialog window and the 'All Users' checkbox has been selected.
Extended privileges for the admin account in Security for fmxdbc has also been set to allow Access via ODBC/JDBC in both files.

The FileMaker Pro "FMServer_Sample" test database file running on the FMP 12 Advanced Server is recognised by the DSN configuration setup on the W2K server. It can connect to the sample file and the 'test' option returns a positive result.

The problem is that our own client files however are not recognised in the DSN configuration wizard.
The W2K server can open the hosted client files in FileMaker Pro 12 - it's just the ODBC sharing that's not working.
In the FileMaker Server Advanced Admin Console, Administration Databases list of open databases where each protocol is listed in columns, Go/Pro is on or half on for our original converted client files but the ODBC/JDBC column is empty, apart from the "FMServer_Sample" test database file for which every protocal is on, as denoted by a bullet.

Confusing is the fact that the "FMServer_Sample" test database file is being shared but isn't appearing in the list of 'Currently open files' in the 'FileMaker ODBC/JDBC Settings' dialog in FileMaker Pro client.

A renamed duplicate of the sample file loaded onto the server also works fine. However when comparing the share settings between the sample file and our converted 5.5 files the only difference is that the sample file doesn't appear in the list of 'Currently open files' in the 'FileMaker ODBC/JDBC Settings' dialog in FileMaker Pro client, which is counter intuitive.

Is the problem due to an inherant problem with our source client files and how they were updated from FMP 5.5 or are we overlooking some additional ODBC sharing setting that is switched on by default in the "FMServer_Sample" test database file?

Trying every combination of sharing on Server and Client files hasn't solved the problem so if if there any suggestsions I would be much obliged.

Do the settings have to be set in a particular order or do client files have to be removed from the server then set to be ODBC shared and then shared on the server again?