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ODBC to Server 9 from W2008 64bit Issue

Question asked by MichaelBaker on Nov 5, 2010
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ODBC to Server 9 from W2008 64bit Issue

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We run a web based application on a Windows2003 Server using Classic ASP.

We connect to a remote Filemaker 9 Server via ODBC using the SQLLINK DataDirect 5.5 ODBC driver.

Everything works beautifully.

NOW we are migrating to a W2008 64bit server.  We installed the DataDirect driver, and found it in the SysWow64 directory (odbcad.exe), created the DSN, tested it successfully.

However, when we run the ASP application, we get the standard error:

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application

The password, username, IP and port are all correct, as we can connect via the odbc manager, but not the ASP application.
We then installed the new Filemaker ODBC drivers from a trial 11 server installation. We were not able to test the connection via the manager, it would hang.

When we tried to run the ASP page, we received the same error as above.

Filemaker Tech support has been helpful, but they seem to be stumped as well.  We do need to able able to connect to this remote database.