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ODBC username / password problems with scheduled import script

Question asked by n/a on Feb 10, 2012
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ODBC username / password problems with scheduled import script

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  • How do I automate the input of username/password for an odbc connection that is being accessed by a scheduled script?

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  • I am running FMP10 server on a windows server box and am using an ODBC connection to import records from an external SQL server.  I have established the connection and written a nice script to import records from this connection and everything works fine when I run the script myself.  The problem is that I want to automate this script using the servers schedule function. I have scheduled the script to run each morning but the problem is that the script aborts because I am not there to manually enter the Username and Password for the ODBC connecttion. Every time the script is run, I am prompted to enter this username and password for the ODBC connection and I am wondering if there is any workaround available?  

I have already searched the forums to no availe.  If this has been addressed already, I apologize.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for any help.