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ODBC with FMSA 10 and FMA 11

Question asked by wkparkjoe on May 24, 2011
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ODBC with FMSA 10 and FMA 11

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I have a Windows 2008 x64 server running FMSA 10. My workstation machine is Windows 7 x64 Pro with FMA 11. I install the ODBC driver from the FMA 11 CD on my workstation and then try to setup a DSN to the FMSA 10. When I go to access the DSN using MS Excel 2010 or Crystal Reports, I am unable to get any data and the ODBC driver seems to freeze (just sits there with the spinning circle cursor). I'm accessing the FMSA 10 on the same LAN (same switch) as the client.

My only research from the ODBC/JDBC guide for FMA 11 is that there was a blurb that the xDBC driver for 11 is not backward compatible. Is this the case? And if it is what is a suggested solution for accessing my data on the FMSA 10 machine with my workstation using ODBC?