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ODBC without Server Advanced

Question asked by AnthonyS on May 30, 2013
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ODBC without Server Advanced

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     Currently we use FMP12 to pull data from our PostgreSQL database using the ODBC connector. We are considering switching to FileMaker Server so that we can better manange our backups. FileMaker's website is not very clear weather the Server version of FileMaker will be able to connect to a database using ODBC. In the comparrison between Server and Server Advanced, under ODBC/JDBC Connectivity, it seems to hint that the limitaion is with connecting to a FileMaker database via ODBC.


          Share data with other applications via server-based ODBC/JDBC support. ODBC/JDBC clients can submit SQL queries to FileMaker databases.

     I would hope that FileMaker Server would have the same functionality as FMP12; would be able to connect to our PostgreSQL database via ODBC. Or is this feature actually removed from FileMaker Server, much like Instant Web Publishing? Would I be required to spend an exta $2000 for FileMaker Server Advanced in order to have the same ODBC functinality as FileMaker Pro 12? Improving our backup process might not be worth the extra bucks :(