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odbc, iwp, Einsatz/Konfigurationsfehler -30 Network unreachable: connect

Question asked by kapitaen_1 on Jul 3, 2009
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odbc, iwp, Einsatz/Konfigurationsfehler -30 Network unreachable: connect

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hi all,

and again i have a funny (the same as before?) problem with fm server 9 adv and odbc.


3 weeks ago, i installed fm server 9a (the version from technet), with iwp switched on and odbc switched on. All worked fine and well for exactly three weeks. Then over night, no changes made, no patches installed, nothing reconfigured, i first have seen that i lost odbc connection to this server. I checked java (it is 6.7), i tried to deinstall fms 9a, reinstalled it, tried to install fms10a. No chance. No odbc connection, no iwp.


All i can see is that odbc gets no connection, and iwp is down.


When i try to "Servereinsatz bearbeiten", i finally get the error message as seen in the subject.


When i use netstat or tcpview, i see that there is nothing listening to port 2399, but the filemaker server management console tells me that odbc is on.




Then i thought ... hmm, the windows server i have running my filemaker server is a virtual machine. And i have backed up the disk images just one day after the sucessfull installation. 

So i restored the working, three weeks old copy. Nope. Same problems.



Is there a three week expiration date build into the Technet Version?


Next steps i want to do is trying to deinstall and reinstall java. Is there someone who has better ideas? 


greetings from germany





OS is windows server 2003, all patches and service packs (second week of june) installed. jre 6.7, fms 9adv, firewall on machine is disabled (this is done somewhere else)




tcpview from 16* up to 25*:


tcpsvcs.exe:1616 UDP mm2k3:2535 *:*

cvslock.exe:1264 TCP mm2k3:2402 mm2k3:0 LISTENING

cvsservice.exe:1304 TCP mm2k3:2401 mm2k3:0 LISTENING

mqsvc.exe:2352 TCP mm2k3:2107 mm2k3:0 LISTENING

mqsvc.exe:2352 TCP mm2k3:2105 mm2k3:0 LISTENING

mqsvc.exe:2352 TCP mm2k3:2103 mm2k3:0 LISTENING

fmscwpe.exe:3596 TCP mm2k3:16018 mm2k3:0 LISTENING