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Odd behavior with container fields on Filemaker Server

Question asked by DocHollywood on May 10, 2011
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Odd behavior with container fields on Filemaker Server

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The following setup is driving me nuts: 

I have a MAC OS X Snow Leopard Server FM 11 Server Advanced running with a database on it. 

I have four or five clients connecting to this database from workstations running FM Pro 11 Advanced on Mac OSx. 

Here's where my problem comes in:

I have container fields that I am filling with PDF documents. The trouble is, these documents will only show on the 

very same workstation that these files were uploaded from. All other workstations will only get some error displayed in the container field: 

" The file cannot be found: XXXX.PDF".

Now, it get's worse: If I upload a PDF file from the iphone, using Filemaker Go, connecting to the very same Database server - 

the file will show, on all the workstations!!!

So here are my questions:

1) I know that Filemaker can either store a reference to a file as a path or the actual file in the database, but I can't find where to select which way to go. By now, I think it can't be on the server since the iPhone application (Filemaker Go) and our Workstations Filemaker 11 Pro Advanced behave differently. So where on earth do I select to store the file on the server (as opposed to just a reference?)

2) I am having a similar problem with a global value (an image) stored in a container. The global value keeps disappearing every time a client re-connects to the database on the server. Any thoughts on this? 

Any help is greatly appreciated, this is really starting to become a lot of trouble....