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On timer Perform script on server error 812

Question asked by EmmanuelDesmadryl on May 2, 2015
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On timer Perform script on server error 812

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Hi everybody !


I have written a script intended to be performed on the server triggered every 180 seconds by an on timer script command launched at the database connection.


The script goal is to check for SMS answers and get them back if there are some new ones, it works pretty nice, for a few hours, until It returns error 812 : “The host’s capacity was exceeded, try again later”


If I stop the database server then turn it back on, it works for a few hours again then back to the error 812…


I raised the Maximum Simultaneous Script Sessions to 500, wich seems to give a few more hours before the error 812 but still doesn’t works…


So I’m not familiar with the perform script on server, but it’s like the scripts launched are still active until too much scripts are running ? I write an “exit script” command at the end of the script, but it doesn’t seems to change anything…

Is there a way to know how many scripts are running on the server ?

Could someone please help me ?

Thanks !