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One Database Server; multiple Web Publishing servers

Question asked by tesoro007 on Dec 26, 2008
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One Database Server; multiple Web Publishing servers

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I couldn't locate this anywhere in the documentation so apologies if it is mentioned and I just haven't seen it!


I have a configuration which has been working flawlessly under FM Server 6 and I've made the move over to FM 9 Advanced Server, however, I've hit a snag!  This is the configuration:


1 x Database Server (Master: serving 50+ databases)

4  x Web Servers (Workers: hosting the websites)


When I try to "add" the other Workers via the Admin Console on the Master, it replaces the IP of the Worker that is already set up. eg.


Master = has as a Worker doing web publishing.

Add in Worker as a second web publishing server, replaces in the Admin window.


At the moment, I've got it set to a Two Machine deployment.  I tried it with the Three Machine deployment as well but same problem.  


Does anyone know if it is possible to set up the above configuration please or do I need to set up FM Server on each Web Server?  This will be problematical as there are databases shared over all four web servers and they need to be using just the one version to make sure it is in sync.  Eg.


MyDB is used by Worker 1 and 3 - Worker 1 is for use by staff only; Worker 3 is for customers.  They both use the MyDB database and have different "views" into it, eg. customers raise an issue and can track their issue via a unique reference number.  Staff reject/approve/comment on the issue. 


Thanks, in advance