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One user - concurrent IWP sessions

Question asked by eswanborg on Jan 23, 2010
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One user - concurrent IWP sessions

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We have a solution that uses one interface file and several hidden data files.  Until recently this included the interface and four backend files, we just added a fifth.  When a user logs in through IWP - previously all files would be opened in a single IWP session (when looking at the Clients list in FMSA Admin console).  For some reason the newest (fifth) file generates its own IWP session - which then shows each user with two, concurrent IWP sessions each.  Client-based users all authenticate in a single session. 


Any ideas what I can do to get this latest file to authenticate IWP users in the same session that the interface generates?  We have a pretty large staff and I'm concerned that with double IWP sessions being generated, we'll run out of available IWP sessions.