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    Open Directory Issues



      Open Directory Issues

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      I am using FMS 9 on a Mac OS X and it authenticates using an Open Directory on Mac OS X server 10.5. A few months ago the FMS stopped recognizing changes made in the directory. i.e. when I added a user to a existing group authentication failed for that user, but existing users were still able to authenticate.
      The odd thing is that I completely rebuilt my directory from scratch last week and the users that were able to authenticate before the rebuild are still able to authenticate and the users that weren't able to authenticate still aren't able to authenticate.
      Does anyone have any ideas?


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          Hi dboone,


          Thanks for posting.  When you rebuilt the directory from scratch did you create the same groups as before?


          If not, try creating a brand new group in Open Directory and see if the behavior persists.  I would also try a new database for testing purposes (make sure that there are no local admin accounts that do not have a password).   


          As a side note, in FileMaker Server Admin Console, which setting do you have checked in the Database Server > Security > File Display Filter?


          Let me know how it works out.



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            Thanks for your response.


            I did create the same groups as before when I rebuilt my directory. Before I trashed my old directory I exported the old groups and then recreated these groups by importing them. This is how Apple suggested I do it.


            I did create a new filemaker test group and a test file as you suggested, and the behavior does indeed persist, authentication fails.


            The setting for Database Server > Security > File Display Filter is "List all databases" The other setting "List only the databases each user is authorized to access" only seems to work for local accounts and not external accounts.


            I posted this question on another list, and a user there suggested that FMS must cache the directory and that this cache is not updating. That was thought I had too, however, I wasn't able to find any file that seemed to be the cache. Some of the file structure of FMS remains a mystery to me and this level of technical information is hard to find on the FMI site (if it is available at all).




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              I had to shutdown my od server for other reasons, but I thought I might test this while it was down. I tried to open a database on my FMS using an external account, and I was able to authenticate even while the od server was down.


              Something really strange is going on.