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Open File Remotely

Question asked by ccarr on Mar 8, 2011
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Open File Remotely

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We have 5 users of File Maker Pro 11 with two databases on a shared network.  The first person to open it for the day hosts the database and the others use it remotely.  Two of our users have Mac Notebooks and the other 3 PCs.  The PC users have very little difficulty accessing the database remotely, but the Mac users have constant problems with accessing when not in the office.  It was suggested by our tech support to go to FileMaker server.  Today our tech department purchased 12 licenses for us.  Two of us downloaded a license  - one a Mac user and one a PC.  We still need to do hosting and accessing remotely.  Is this true if you have server licenses?  Do we need to more the databases from the network drive to the server?  I am sure these questions sound naive, but it doesn't appear from first glance that we have solved our problem.  What options should we be using on the sharing of the database.  Any direction you can give me would be helpful.