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    Open Remote Set Up



      Open Remote Set Up

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                Struggle getting connected via open remote to FM server files which is located in another city.

                Last time I did this only needed two ip addresses - server machine mount point and for FM server.


                This time FM server is on a windows server machine in another city.

                can't get connected. Where do I find the instructions? or can you help?


                Here is what the IT guy gave me:

                (You will be using VPN to: (mail.xxxx.org) connect to the office.

                From there, you will RDP to the server at: (IP address) or to whatever other machine hosts the FileMaker server.)


                Thanks for your help!


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               RDP (remote desktop) access to the server won't work except as a way to access and manage the server. If you can use RDP to access a client machine with FileMaker Pro installed on it, you can then launch fileMaker Pro on the client machine to access the databases hosted on server.